Dynamic scraped surface heat exchangers (DSSHE) are explicitly designed to face problems that are directly related to types of heat exchangers. The devices can increase the overall heat transfer process by:

  • Removing fouling layers
  • Avoiding the generation of ice and different process by-products
  • Expanding the turbulence during high viscosity flow

DSSHEs will incorporate internal mechanisms that can periodically remove products from the heat transfer wall. After, the product’s sides are scraped by blades that are attached to the moving frame of the shaft. Blades are constructed from rigid plastic materials because they are less likely to be damaged by the whole scared surface.
Depending on the arrangement of blades, there are three basic types of dynamic scraped surface heat exchangers. These include:

  • Rotating/Tubular DSSHE
  • Reciprocating/Tubular DSSHE
  • Rotating/Plate DSSHE

Each of the three above categories serves a specific function. Our team can help you identify your needs so that we can get you a stable dynamic scraped surface heat exchanger. DSSHEs are used in a wide range of applications for many different industries.
Industries that use these heaters include:

  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical

If you are looking for a scrape surface heat exchanger, let us be your first call.